The San Juan Mercantile Exchange (SJMX) will provide customers with the ability to purchase and sell digital currencies through integrated trading, custody and asset management systems that deliver the performance, and security and regulatory compliance required by institutional investors and traders.

Target customers of SJMX include institutions, hedge funds, investment companies, financial companies, trading firms and similar companies that want to purchase and sell digital currencies.

Electronic Trading Platform (ETP)

  • Match engine designed for processing more than 1,500,000 transactions per second, with expected latency of 3 milliseconds
  • State-of-the-art trading system and applications, including analytics and risk management tools
  • Increased stability and security as compared to retail exchange infrastructure.
  • Access to market data and trading on 40+ exchanges worldwide


  • Substantial number of established traders connected to the ETP through their existing trading infrastructure.
  • Incentives for institutional investors, traders and market makers to use the ETP and increase liquidity.


  • Funds will be deposited into trust accounts at a regulated financial institution.
  • Third party custodial arrangement for secure digital currency storage.
  • Fiat will be on deposit at correspondent banks, broker dealers or Federal Reserve
  • Customers will be subject to AML and KYC regulations.
  • No withdrawal limits on amounts of fiat or digital currencies.
  • Options for digital currency deposit insurance to the extent available from insurers.


J. Robert "Bo" Collins, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Collins served as the President of New York Mercantile Exchange (“NYMEX”) from 2001 to 2004, which was the largest commodities exchange in the world during such time. Under his leadership, NYMEX launched Clearport Clearing, the first commercially successful OTC clearing platform. Mr. Collins also initiated and led the development of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

During his time at NYMEX, Mr. Collins brought the exchange into a new era of electronic trading and increased the market cap from $600 million to $2.7 billion within 3 years. Additionally, he led the exchange to an initial S&P credit rating of A++ and its recognition by Energy Risk magazine as the 2004 “Exchange of the Year.” In 2008, in partnership with NASDAQ, Mr. Collins launched a new clearinghouse, the International Derivatives Clearing Group, which was later sold to LCH.Clearnet Group.

Mr. Collins is an active entrepreneur and respected fintech professional currently involved in successful ventures such as Matrix Global, the first crude oil storage auction platform. He has also launched an incubator initiative to utilize innovative solutions such as digital asset and blockchain technology to improve infrastructure development, physical logistics, financial trading and exchange clearing.

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